The ISO 9001, otherwise known as Quality Management System, is a set of business processes that deals with aligning company's policies, processes and objectives. The sole purpose of this ISO standard is to set company's operations in accordance with the client's requirements and expectations and pin point any error that is causing lack of quality in the final product.

This ISO standard is widely used in food, cosmetics, medical devices, and similar other industries where quality is one of the metrics to evaluate a company’s performance. This standard helps consumers in picking the best and utilize the quality products knowing that the company has implemented an effective quality checking system.


As the business industries evolved, the need of a transparent and globally accepted system rose for maintaining the quality. With the implementation of ISO 9001, companies achieve certain objectives and mentioned here under:

  • To enable businesses in
    offering quality products/services while keeping the customer satisfaction in
  • For including quality assurance
    and maintaining uniformity in all produced units/every service cycle.
  • To integrate Quality Management
    System in all concerned departments of an organization for a higher accuracy in
    production and distribution of final product.
  • To pinpoint risks and faults in
    current production methods and propose timely solutions for keeping businesses
    away from future losses.

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