ISO 45001 is a standard that focuses on occupational health and safety measures of an organization. Originally approved in March 2018, ISO 45001 takes some ground rules from ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 to ensure the quality, safety and sustainable growth of the company.

This standard helps companies in setting safe guidelines for its employees and minimize the accidents by replacing risky work patterns with safe work ethics within the organization.

The idea of ISO 45001 was initially proposed in 2013 which led to the initiation of groundwork for the documented form of this standard. Upon getting 62 votes of approval, the ISO 45001 has been accepted as an international standard of occupational health and safety measures.


There are certain benefits that companies, after implementing ISO 45001 into the business module, can expect. An ISO 45001 certification can you put your staff on a path to progress while maintaining international standards set for health and safety measurements. With a successful application ISO 45001:

  • Your company enters the club of
    elite organizations with the application of ISO 45001 in their work processes.
  • You can win the trust and
    support of your employees by making them feel safer at work with key safety
    practices and a healthy working environment.
  • You can harness the work pace
    of your organization with the correct implementation of ISO 45001.
  • You can gain more clients and
    expand your business reach by setting yourself as a responsible organization
    with the correct application of ISO 45001.

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