TUV GA is a renowned firm that brings the attestation and trust of world’s top health and safety institutes with its certifications and training modules. Some of the key accreditations are as follow: 



GMP or Good Manufacturing Practice is a mechanism to check the consistency in quality during manufacturing of the goods. This parameter is used in different industries to ensure every product is manufactured using the same methodology and has minimum fault upon reaching the final manufacturing stage.

The industries where GMP certification is widely used is food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, beverages, and medical devices that deal with mass production and need an effective quality measurement scale. TUV G&A offers its GMP certification facility to companies for ensuring a quality testing method upon producing bulk products with a quick checking method in the production process.


Companies with multiple departments often face quality control challenges upon dealing with mass production of their products. GMP or Good Manufacturing Practice certification basically provides them with a transparent way to maintain check on their product’s quality before dispatching the batch to distribution department. Below are some reasons why companies need GMP certification and how it helps them in harnessing their work speed along with producing quality products:

  • GMP helps companies in training their employees with respect to using international safe manufacturing guidelines.
  • GMP helps companies in minimizing the defective goods return that is caused by poor manufacturing practices.
  • It helps companies in developing an organized, transparent record system for the goods as a future reference.
  • It helps companies in defining a clear and sound manufacturing system that ultimately harness the production speed and reduces the rejection chances.

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