Certificate Verification

  • Certificate No 0001211
    Organization Name tuvg
    Organization Address 1507, Churchill Tower, business bay area, Dubai
    Date of Certifications 12/02/2020
    Expiry Date 23/02/2022
    Certifications The ISO 9001, otherwise known as Quality Management System, is a set of business processes that deals with aligning company's policies, processes and objectives.
    Certifications Scope The sole purpose of this ISO standard is to set company's operations in accordance with the client's requirements and expectations and pin point any error that is causing lack of quality in the final product.
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  • Certificate No 0001212
    Organization Name devlogxi
    Organization Address 625 2nd Street
    Date of Certifications 20/02/2020
    Expiry Date 29/02/2020
    Certifications 12121212
    Certifications Scope certification
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