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The gulf has always been regarded as a paradise for realtors, builders and businesses that are associated with construction work in any capacity. Where the Middle Eastern countries have seen a surge in the construction work in recent decades, there is still much to do for regulating the safety and health precautions in the processes of construction companies. Though, there are various international standards that have been established to automize the safety laws but proper execution of these laws is yet to be adopted by new companies in the industry. Sensing the lack of knowledge and training resources for the staff, we took the initiative and formed TUV GA, an ISO 9001, ISO 45001, ISO 14001, and ISO 27001 certification firm in UAE.

TUV G&A is Emirates International Accreditation Centre (EIAC) Accredited inspection body. TUV G&A offers certifications, third-party inspections, and corporate training modules to help firms update their work patterns as per international standards. With our personalized corporate training sessions, we instill the key qualities in your staff that can improve the productivity along with educating them about the international safety measures. Because we believe in enlightening the bright minds, equip them with the right knowledge, and unlock their full potential while grooming them for a competitive corporate world. Along with various certifications, we also offer accreditations to firms and companies so they can upgrade their infrastructure as per international safety guidelines.


TUV GA has been established on some ground principles that have helped us in aligning our direction towards progress and prosperity of our valued clients. And we practice these principles in every project that we undertake in order to maintain quality and remain honest with each client that we connect with. These principles are:


We believe in analyzing the work patterns without interfering in current workflows and act as a part of the process.


One of our guiding principles bind us to remain loyal to our duties under any circumstances in order to offer our services.


While we interact with different business entities, we prefer to remain unbiased in order to find the key problems during the inspection process.


In quest of providing latest training modules, we keep changing our training methods and utilize the technology to its fullest.

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